Activity Report 2016

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Salvage & Marine Contractors

As a specialist heavy lift contractor, operating on a worldwide basis, Scaldis concentrates on marine heavy lifting with its vessel ‘Rambiz’ for civil construction works, oil & gas projects, renewables, decommissioning and salvage. This broad range of activities has meant that Scaldis had a steady year in 2016, despite the present slump in the oil & gas industry.

Flinterstar wreck removal

A major salvage and wreck removal project the company carried out was the removal of the cargo ship ‘Flinterstar’ from the seabed off the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. ‘Flinterstar’ broke in two and sank in October 2015 after colliding with an LNG tanker.

With the powerful, twin-crane heavy lift vessel ‘Rambiz’, the cargo ship ‘Flinterstar’ was removed from the seabed.

Lift of 1,600 tonne Stinger Transition Frame

Scaldis executed a 2-part, heavylift operation for Allseas. In Flushing the ‘Rambiz’ was deployed to lift a Stinger Transition Frame from a transport & storage barge to the quay. Weighing more than 1,600 tonnes and with large parts protruding, this was a challenging project. Eventually the solution involved complex rigging including 1 main spreader, 2 sub-spreaders, 44 shackles and 20 slings.

Transport and installation of Nordsee One substation

Scaldis was contracted to transport and install the substation for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm, which consists of a jacket, four piles and a topside.


‘Rambiz’ lifted the jacket, weighing 1,476 tonnes, and placed it in position. The four piles, each measuring 67.49 m and weighing 241 tonnes, were lifted, upended and installed in the jacket sleeves. In the second phase the ‘Rambiz’ did the pile top cutting and installed the topside.

Lifting of a tiltable pipelay system

A 2,430 tonne tiltable pipelay system was lifted from its construction location at the Huisman quay in Rotterdam and transported to the pipelay support vessel ‘Skandi Buzios’ and put into position.

Decommissioning Viking Bravo gas platform

Scaldis was involved in the decommissioning of the Viking Bravo gas platform in the Southern North Sea. Scaldis also executed preparatory activities for platforms, which will be removed in the years 2017-2020.