Activity Report 2016

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Nordsee One

In early 2016 works were completed at Nordsee One. GeoSea transported and installed 54 monopiles with the heavy lift jack-up vessel ‘Innovation’, while scour protection was carried out by DEME’s subsidiary Tideway.

Borkum Riffgrund 2

DONG Energy has awarded GeoSea a contract for the installation of 20 jacket foundations at the Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm in Germany. A total of 56 Vestas 8MW wind turbines will be installed, of which 20 will be installed on jackets with suction buckets. With rotor spans of 164 m, these will be the largest wind turbines installed in German waters.


The 396MW Merkur offshore wind development reached its financial close in August 2016. Merkur is a construction-ready wind farm located approximately 45 km north of the islands of Borkum, Germany, in the North Sea. Close to 500 million EUR in equity was provided by a consortium of five partners, including DEME Concessions Wind. The GeoSea teams in Bremen will play a major role in the execution of the project, contributing significantly to Germany’s energy transition plans.

Hohe See

In February 2016 GeoSea has been awarded the EPCI contract for the Hohe See offshore wind farm in Germany, including the design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of 71 foundations. With a total installed capacity of 497MW, the Hohe See wind farm is currently the biggest planned offshore wind project in Germany. Financial close for Hohe See was achieved in February 2017.




United kingdom


As part of the EPCI contract awarded by RWE Innogy, GeoSea installed the first foundations at the Galloper offshore wind farm in December 2016. GeoSea has the responsibility for the design, fabrication and installation of 56 steel monopile foundations. The monopiles are the heaviest GeoSea has ever installed with weights in excess of 1,100 tonnes. The scour protection works for the foundations are undertaken by Tideway.

Hornsea Project One

GeoSea secured the installation contract for the 116 monopiles of the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm off the Yorkshire Coast in the UK, which is capable of powering well over 1 million UK homes. Covering approximately 407 km2 and providing a capacity of 1.2GW, Hornsea Project One will be the first offshore wind farm to exceed 1GW in capacity and will become – by a considerable margin – the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

Race Bank

GeoSea installed 91 foundations at the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm in the UK. The contract was awarded by DONG Energy. Tideway also executed the scour protection works.


GeoSea deployed jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’ for the installation of four gravity-based foundations for Phase 1A of MeyGen’s Tidal Energy Project, located at the Pentland Firth in Scotland.

Unique joint venture with COSCO Shipping

DEME and COSCO Shipping – the largest shipping company in the world – will work closely on the development of offshore wind energy in China. An umbrella agreement was signed in October 2016 in line with the Chinese climate vision and the strategy for the development of renewable energy, which were recently incorporated in the 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020) for social and economic development. The Chinese government wishes to significantly increase the installed capacity of offshore wind energy by 2020 and beyond.


As the largest shipping company in the world, COSCO Shipping wishes to enter this new market segment and has found a partner in DEME’s subsidiary GeoSea, with its extensive experience in developing, building and maintaining offshore wind farms.


The joint venture is also in line with the Group’s partnering philosophy, in which DEME expands its international activities through sustainable cooperation with local partners. Such combinations have repeatedly proved successful in DEME’s dredging and environmental divisions.

Dirk Pauwels



“After 21 years of creating land for the future with dredgers I’vechanged to creating energy for the future! Installing the MeyGen offshore tidal stream turbines to supply clean and renewable electricity to the UK was pioneering. I am proud to be part of the team realising this job under the most difficult tidal conditions. MeyGen for me really highlights DEME’s strive for sustainability.”



In October 2016 Rentel reached financial close for the construction of a new 309MW offshore wind farm off the Belgian coast. This was an important milestone for the Belgian offshore wind energy market. Thanks to DEME’s extensive experience in offshore wind projects, an important contribution will be made towards a sustainable energy supply in Belgium, not only as a financial partner through DEME Concessions, but also by its specialist contractors GeoSea and Tideway. DEME’s ‘Innovation’ will be deployed to install 42 monopile foundations, with works starting mid-2017.


Horns Rev 3

During the first half of 2016 GeoSea concluded a contract with Vattenfall for the procurement and installation of 49 foundations at the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm in Denmark, set to become the country’s largest offshore wind site.