Activity Report 2016

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EverSea is a specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects, offering a wide variety of services to the oil & gas industry.

EverSea relies on its ability to provide innovative techniques and operational reliability through high-tech equipment.

P11-E unmanned minimum facility platform

EverSea successfully completed the transport and installation of the P11-E standard satellite gas platform for Oranje-Nassau Energie BV (ONE BV), the largest privately owned Dutch exploration and production operating company. The P11-E field is located in the North Sea, 55 km north west of Rotterdam.


The P11-E platform is an unmanned standard satellite platform, which is designed as a generic modular processing facility in order to be reusable in the future. The jacket is designed to be deployed in different water depths and it was connected to the foundation piles by a swaging process using water pressure, deforming the piles inside the jacket. This technique also allows easy reuse.


For the actual piling works, EverSea used an environmental friendly piling hammer, which was deployed for the first time offshore. The innovative design of this gas platform is the result of a joint development between ONE and EverSea.

Thames gas platform

Many oil & gas installations around the world are reaching the end of their economic production lifecycle. Decommissioning of offshore installations presents a major challenge from a safety, environmental, technological, as well as an economical perspective. EverSea offers innovative solutions for decommissioning platforms and their related infrastructure, deploying DEME’s versatile fleet of jack-up vessels.


In 2016 EverSea executed the removal and transportation of the vent tower and crane boom from the Thames gas platform, being decommissioned after cessation of production in 2014.