Activity Report 2016

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Combined Marine Terminal Operations Worldwide (CTOW) offers a full package of professional assistance for the operation of dedicated maritime terminals and related services. CTOW can carry out everything from maintenance services to a jetty or fairway, including handling navigation aids, to towing services at a terminal.

CTOW is a joint venture company owned by DEME, Herbosch-Kiere and Multraship. The company seeks early involvement and an integrated and turnkey approach to the development, management and operation of terminals and ports.




Bonny and Onne, Nigeria

In 2016 CTOW successfully continued to focus on its activities in Africa. The contract to provide harbour towage in Onne Port in Nigeria was ongoing throughout the year. At the start of 2016, CTOW was awarded a contract to operate two tugs at Nigeria LNG’s Bonny Terminal.

Two newbuild tugs

Since April 2016 CTOW has operated two 60-tonne bollard pull ASD tugs ‘CTOW Bieke’ and ‘CTOW Lala’ that provide towage assistance to LNG tankers on the terminal at the mouth of the Bonny River in Nigeria. The tugs are operated with 100% Nigerian crews who have received additional training to perform well in a demanding environment, such as that of an LNG terminal.

Two additional tugs plus a pilot launch will enter service in 2018

Additionally in 2016, CTOW was awarded a second contract by Nigeria LNG, for the provision of two more tugs and one pilot launch for the Bonny LNG Terminal. Two 75-tonne bollard pull tugs and one 19 m pilot launch with MEDEVAC capacities are under construction. These new vessels are due to enter service mid-2018.