Activity Report 2016

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One country dominated DEME’s activities

in the Mediterranean region in 2016 and into 2017.

East Port Said access channel

Following on from the successful completion of the historic New Suez Canal project, the same consortium comprising DEME’s Dredging International (DI) and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company (GLDD) was awarded a second contract from the Suez Canal Authority in October 2015, to dredge the Port Said east entrance channel.


Port Said is one of Egypt’s most important ports on the Mediterranean. This side channel of 9.5 km long, 250 m wide and 18.5 m deep, provides access to the eastern part of Port Said. The new side canal means that ships sailing to and from Port Said will no longer interfere with the maritime convoys of the Suez Canal.


The contract involved DEME’s two jumbo TSHDs, the ‘Nile River’ and ‘Congo River’. This second award was completed well ahead of schedule in March 2016.

Burullus Power Plant

DEME was awarded a project for the startup of a Combined Cycle Power Project in Burullus, which is ongoing in 2017. The scope includes more than 600,000 m³ of dredging and backfilling, as well as pipe laying.


For the Egyptian Navy, DEME carried out the excavation of the navigational channel, internal corridor and turning basin for Alexandria Port. the project was completed on time by TSHD ‘Congo River’.

Ras Al Teen

DEME was awarded another contract in Alexandria. DEME has to dredge 4 million m³ of sand from an offshore borrow area and carry out the onshore reclamation for the construction of the Ras Al Teen navy base extension. The TSHD ‘Congo River’ has been working on the project since December 2016 and works will be completed in 2017.

The ‘Congo River’ team



“You only fail when you stop trying. Each day we were challenged to deliver safe production, without interfering with the ongoing port operations. Navy representatives were included in the navigational watch because they are familiar with the local waters, port areas and language. All these efforts resulted in maximum operational hours and only minimal traffic delay. To prevent any debris and obstructions from being taken up by the dredger it was necessary, through collaboration with the crew and site, to design and install a finger grid, a specialist screen mesh. This successful innovation resulted in decreased downtime as a result of cleaning the dragheads and thus, optimised effective production time. Even though we were challenged with a lot of difficulties, we succeeded again by having the right mentality and drive for continuous improvement.”



DEME executed maintenance dredging works in Livorno harbour in the dock area Darsena Toscana, as well as in the turning basin. Around 700,000 m³ of dredged material was handled and this includes the transport and disposal of contaminated sediments.

Yard Belleli di Taranto

DEME resumed works at Yard Belleli di Taranto, a National Interest Site. The works involve the installation of a sheetpile wall, as well as a water treatment plant.

Separately, DEME is currently completing the construction of a quay wall in the port of Trapani, Sicily.



Mersin International Port Management, a partnership between PSA International and Akfen Holding, awarded DEME a project in Turkey for the deepening of the basin and entrance channel to the port of Mersin. The TSHD ‘Uilenspiegel’ and the CSD ‘Amazone’ were mobilised. Around 4 million m³ were dredged during the project, which finished in early 2016.



Work continues at the Jijel naval base where DEME is responsible for dredging and the installation of around 100,000 tonnes of rock.