Activity Report 2016

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Latin America

DEME was busy in many countries in Latin America during 2016, with a broad spread of challenging projects taking place.


Panama Canal Pacific Access Channel

DEME again returned to the historic Panama Canal project, where the company had previously worked between 2009 and 2012. DEME completed the further widening and deepening of the  Pacific Access Channel to enable it to handle post-Panamax vessels and this was finished ahead of schedule.


The existing entrance southbound of the Americas Bridge was widened over a distance of 7 km by 37 m on both sides, making the total width 300 m.


Some 5.6 million m³ of soft and hard materials were eventually dredged deploying the TSHD ‘Lange Wapper’ and CSD ‘D’Artagnan’. Additionally, DEME will again be busy at the Panama Canal in 2017, dredging in front of the Cocoli Locks with the CSD ‘D’Artagnan’ from January.

26,000,000 m3


Nereida Gomez



“Working in Cuba was a true life experience. I will never forget the quality of people, their optimism and how they valued our work. Seeing every member of the port organisation sit down with us every morning and putting all their resources available demonstrated the impact our work had on that society. DEME was able to successfully carry out a project that opens the door to new opportunities and proves that adjusting to new challenges is part of our strength.”


Mariel Port

DEME successfully executed a contract to deepen the access channel and turning basin at Mariel Port in Cuba. Some 300,000 m³ of rock and stiff clay was dredged and this gives the port a Panamax channel. The project was carried out during the summer of 2016 with the CSD  D’Artagnan’ and the barges ‘Sloeber’ and ‘Paggader’.


Santos, Sao Paulo

At the end of 2016 DEME started maintenance dredging at the access channel to the Port of Santos, Latin America’s biggest and busiest port. Volumes are expected to total 4.3 million m³ and the TSHD ‘Pearl River’ was mobilised in November 2016.


Port of Montevideo

In a joint venture DEME completed the contract for the extension of Muelle D, almost doubling the available quay wall length of the Muelle C contract, which DEME completed four years ago with the same joint venture partners. The related dredging works in the Port of Montevideo were carried out by the TSHD‘Uilenspiegel’ and a small backhoe dredger.