Activity Report 2016

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Eko Atlantic City, Lagos – Nigeria

DEME has been working for more than 50 years in Africa and maintains a strong presence, carrying out dredging and reclamation projects across the continent.

Sierra Leone

For the first time DEME secured a port expansion contract in Sierra Leone, confirming the company’s widespread presence and experience on the African continent.

In Sierra Leone DEME teamed up with Eiffage and RMT Clemessy for the further development of the Freetown Terminal. For DEME the project included soil improvement, reclamation and compaction works, as well as the deepening of the existing and future container berths.


Eko Atlantic

2016 was again a very busy year for DEME in Nigeria. Eko Atlantic City is one of the most ambitious real estate developments in Africa. The new city is being built on Lagos’ Bar Beach – on land that is reclaimed from the sea. Eko Atlantic City is being constructed in six phases that will ultimately result in the creation of 9 km² of prime land, requiring reclamation and sand winning of no less than 100 million m³. In early November 2016 DEME completed Phase 3 of the project with the TSHDs ‘Breughel’ and ‘Breydel’.

Bonny and Onne

DEME continued maintenance dredging works under the long-term PPP agreement with the Bonny Channel Company, a joint venture with the Nigerian Ports Authority, ensuring the channel to the LNG terminal in Bonny and the ports of Onne and Port Harcourt remain accessible.


100,000,000 m3


Onne Port Extension

The Port of Onne is a fast growing logistics hub for West and Central Africa. The port operates a container terminal, handles cargo ships of up to 60,000 tonnes, and has become a main support base for oil & gas activities in the region. The expansion project includes the construction of a 600 ha new port, which is being developed in three phases. With CSD ‘Rubens’ and TSHD ‘Breughel’ DEME completed the first phase, reclaiming 150 ha of land and executing soil improvement works for the future quay wall. DEME’s jack-up vessel ‘Vagant’ continued works for Nigeria LNG, assisting with the overhaul of the loading arms at the gas export terminal located in Bonny Island.

Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base

The Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL) offers logistics, engineering and other support services to offshore oil & gas exploration and production companies operating in and around West Africa. LADOL and Samsung Heavy Industries have formed a partnership to invest in what is to become Africa’s largest vessel fabrication and integration facility. DEME has been awarded the contract for the yard and quay wall construction, as well as the dredging of the berth pocket and access channel to the quay.

Maiyegun Waterfront

In December 2016, a contract was acquired for the Maiyegun Waterfront development in Lagos. DEME will reclaim approximately 600,000 m³ to raise the level of an existing beach. Maiyegun Waterfront will include new housing units, a commercial hub, as well as leisure facilities. Works started with the TSHD ‘Breydel’ in early 2017.

Illubirin Island and Elegushi

Dredging and reclamation works on Illubirin Island in the Lagos Lagoon were completed in early 2016 with the CSD ‘Rubens’. DEME signed a contract for a similar reclamation project on Elegushi Island, also in the Lagos Lagoon.

Luke Inegbedion



“Over the years it has been great to see DEME develop from being a solid contractor when I started 27 years ago, into a full EPC solutions provider or what I always call ‘the total package’.”


In Conakry a long-term maintenance dredging agreement has been extended to 2018. As part of the project to expand its export capabilities, Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée will extend the mineral wharf in Kamsar port. DEME will work on the project as a contractor for VINCI’s subsidiary Sogea-Satom. In the same port, DEME secured the contract for the maintenance dredging works of the Kamsar Container Terminal facilities for the mining development company Global Alumina Corporation. Works have been successfully completed with the TSHD ‘Orwell’.

Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast DEME was awarded a contract for maintenance dredging in the Port of Abidjan.


Takoradi port in Ghana is developing the Takoradi Port Oilfields Service Hub to serve Ghana and West Africa’s emerging markets. Viking Offshore, which holds the concession for the new hub, awarded the dredging and reclamation works to DEME, including the creation of a 400 m long quay wall.


As part of the 3-year agreement concluded in 2015, DEME executed maintenance dredging works on the access channel to the Sonangol LNG export terminal deploying the TSHD ‘Breydel’.

DR Congo

Since 1989 DEME has been dredging the Congo River on a regular basis. In all cases, these were so-called emergency projects as the river had silted up to such a degree that some of the inland cargo ships of a certain draught were no longer able to reach the ports of Boma and Matadi. DEME decided to seek out a more sustainable solution by setting up a 10-year Public Private Partnership (PPP) with La Congolaise des Voies Maritimes. The second maintenance dredging campaign took place in 2016. The PPP also provides training for 40 young Congolese staff.


A contract was signed for coastal protection works in Benin. The Siafato Phase II project, providing sustainable protection of the shoreline in Cotonou, will include beach nourishment and revetment works, as well as groyne construction.