Activity Report 2016

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DEME Concessions brings together all concessions of the DEME Group in the fields of infrastructure (dredging and marine infrastructure), renewables (wind, wave and tidal) and marine resources (sand, gravel and minerals). DEME Concessions provides equity, venture capital and project-specific knowledge, supporting the various activities of the DEME Group.

DEME Concessions advocates early involvement, underpinned by a true partnering philosophy for the successful joint development of projects. Investments are always linked to DEME’s scope of work in a project.



In August 2016, Merkur Offshore GmbH reached financial close for the 396MW Merkur offshore wind development project in Germany. Close to 500 million EUR in equity was provided by a consortium of five partners, including DEME Concessions with a 12.5% share.


Rentel NV reached financial close in October 2016 for the construction of a new 309MW offshore wind farm off the Belgian coast. The Rentel project – located 40 km north of Ostend – will be the fifth offshore wind project in the Belgian North Sea. The total investment is 1.1 billion EUR.

Seastar and Mermaid

Together with the other shareholders of Otary, DEME holds a participation in the concessions for the Seastar and Mermaid offshore wind farms in Belgium.


During 2016 DEME sold 50% of its participation in C-Power Holdco wind farm to existing shareholders. DEME maintains a financial interest of 6.46% in the C-Power wind farm.


DEME Concessions acquired a minority interest in the Scottish development company Tidal Power Scotland Limited (TPSL). Together with Scottish Enterprise, TPSL controls, among others, the MeyGen project, the world’s first tidal power station connected to the electricity grid. By participating in TPSL, DEME is building on the experience gained with complex maritime construction projects and supporting a new technology, which after years of testing evolved from a prototype to operational tidal turbines.

Besides the participation in TPSL, DEME is also involved in DEME Blue Energy (70% DEME Concessions – 30% ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen) and in cooperation with Nuhma, it is also a partner (50% – 50%) in BluePower, another tidal energy development company. The West Islay Tidal Energy Park (30MW – Scotland) and Fair Head (100MW – North Ireland) projects are currently being further developed. More details can be found on page 30.



The participation in the second Coentunnel project in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has been sold.

Marine resources

Together with its subsidiary DEME Building Materials, DEME continues to invest in new and existing nearshore concessions for sand and gravel, of up to 100 m depth. DBM has built up a strong position in many countries based on long-term relationships and agreements with major European industrial partners (see also Fluvial & Marine Resources on page 130).

Mineral concessions

Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) is a subsidiary of DEME focused on the development of a sustainable marine harvesting industry. In 2013, the International Seabed Authority and GSR signed a 15-year contract for prospecting and exploring polymetallic nodules. GSR has exclusive rights for the exploration of over 76,728 km2 of seabed in the eastern part of the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) of the Central Pacific Ocean.