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DEME wants to be an Employer of Choice – the preferred employer within the dredging, environmental and marine engineering industry, in Belgium and beyond. To remain at the forefront of this increasingly complex and challenging industry, DEME has started a number of initiatives to attract new talent and to make sure that people can fulfil their true potential at the company.
Given the rapid growth at DEME, the company puts development and performance as priorities, offering many career opportunities for employees.

DEME wants to help employees in managing and growing their careers, as this is a winwin for both employees and DEME’s growing business. The company is working on an approach that makes it more transparent to switch between disciplines, subsidiaries or business activities. Employees may start off in dredging or land reclamation, but then move into renewables, blue and green energy, and later find themselves working on a tidal or offshore wind project.

DEME recognises that employees want an interesting career but they also want one that offers continued challenges. The company’s innovative and sustainable approach to business and its true international nature make it an exciting company to work for. Employees can find themselves working anywhere in the world in multidisciplinary, international teams. DEME currently has employees from more than 85 nationalities.

The company offers attractive packages and competitive salaries but it is investigating how it can also become a more flexible employer, with traffic and mobility constraints in mind, satellite or home working alternatives are under consideration.

In several countries, DEME has received employer of choice awards.

One major HR initiative has been and remains the People@DEME platform. This gives everyone access to their personal job development matrix, which outlines their function and responsibilities and it introduces various training possibilities. This also includes mandatory training and suggested courses for career development.

Freddy Santon


“I started at DEME in my teens as an assistant cook in 1977. I was very grateful to DEME to give me a chance and then to allow me to follow all the courses to develop my career. Like a lot of my colleagues from my generation, I moved on to become a deckhand, pipe operator, second mate, first mate and captain.  And now I have been a marine superintendent for many years.”

Time To

A new performance management tool Time

To was introduced. The digital platform helps employees and managers to evaluate their performance, competencies and development needs. Time To also provides DEME with a valuable, competencies’ database so it can make sure it gets the right team of experts matched to the right project.

New DEME corporate employee app

DEME is launching a corporate app, a mobile solution for internal communication and cooperation. With the app DEME can bring news and information directly to an employee’s mobile device, as well as instant access to work tools on-the-go. The corporate app is the result of an innovative idea generated by DEME’s own employees.

Extensive range of training courses

— DEME employees attend the 3-day Basics4 Starters course. This gives people the opportunity to learn about the company andthe industry.

— After a number of years employees can attend the technical Skills Programme. This gives people a great chance to network, exchange experiences, and learn about other departments and it highlights future possibilities open to them.

— The DEME 2020 programme is for selected groups of people, who are working towards becoming a seasoned project manager.

— The EPC Course (a 3-day programme) outlines the multidisciplinary and leading role that DEME plays in today’s challenging EPC contracts. This high-level, project management course is carried out in collaboration with Antwerp University.

— Since 2015, a worldwide course has been organised to ensure the crew complies with the latest requirements of the Standards of Training, Certification & Watch keeping (STCW) Convention. Around 750 nautical crew members will follow the training programme between 2015 and 2017.

— DEME offers several specialist courses for electricians, surveyors, technical engineers, which are often in collaboration with engine and equipment manufacturers.