Activity Report 2016

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Health and safety

At DEME safety is embedded in all activities. DEME’s health, safety and environmental policies reflect the commitment to international best practices and compliance with legislation.
DEME has ambitious safety targets and wants everyone on board. Ultimately, it is aiming for zero incidents and that safety awareness becomes part of the company’s DNA.
The safety strategy is based on four pillars: engagement/buy-in, collaboration, communication and leadership. These are the foundations for a better safety performance, for better quality and for more efficiency. And these are all crucial ingredients for sustainable business excellence.
A number of initiatives has been launched or continued in 2016 and it is clear to see that the wide-reaching DEME safety programme is showing positive results.

Key Performance Indicator QHSE-S dashboard

Continuous improvement in 2016

In 2015 DEME introduced the Key Performance Indicator QHSE-S dashboard in a bid to further improve its safety performance and to generate long-term sustainable improvement. DEME is uncompromising, with several of these ambitious KPI targets set at 100%.


Overall, all 8 KPIs have shown improvement in 2016. For example, the timely reporting of incidents KPI has climbed from 67% to 82%. Toolbox participation is up 10%. Inspections have increased to 96%. Senior management attendance of safety meetings regarding accidents or near misses is also at 96%, with the target set at 100%.


And one KPI – the end of work report – has already achieved 100%, showing how it is now firmly anchored in the business. In 2017, this has therefore been replaced by an Incident Investigation KPI, to ensure any accidents are properly investigated and reported.


Crucially, these KPIs show that DEME is achieving the vital engagement/buy-in to its safety culture. For example, the employee safety observations and suggestions KPI has increased from 80% in 2015 to an impressive 97% a year later. This means that nearly each employee – representing more than 4,000 people – has made at least three safety observations.

DEME believes that everyone can make the difference

Safety Moment Day

Every year, a worldwide DEME Safety Moment Day is organised. In 2016 this focused on the potential dangers related to stairs. The company will be presenting the Best Performed Safety Moment Award to the department/ office/project with the most impressive safety initiative.


DEME is very proud to have been awarded the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) Award for the most innovative safety idea, which can be applied to the whole industry. GeoSea’s simple but brilliant idea to paint coloured circles on the muster stations won because it makes it very quick and easy to see that the crew is fully accounted for in the event of an emergency. This is the second consecutive time that DEME has won this award. Previously it won for the first CHILD campaign.

CHILD5 Campaign

DEME’s safety awareness programme CHILD (Colleagues Help Injuries to Leave DEME) was introduced in 2010. While figures have improved eight-fold since CHILD’s introduction, and although DEME has a very good track record compared to its peers, DEME still wants to do more. For safety to be embedded in the company’s DNA, CHILD5 was initiated. Two seminars took place in 2016 for senior and middle management under CHILD5  and 12 more sessions will follow. The first two addressed the manager’s attitude towards safety issues and how as an individual they can change their behaviour – and make the difference.

Integrated Management System

The elimination and control of risks is embedded in DEME’s corporate Integrated Management System and this radiates down through all the projects and into every single operational task.

In 2016 DEME focused on the further development of its Integrated Management System. Unlike many other systems this integrates purchase and logistics, tendering etc. but also QHSE-S. So again safety is fully embedded in the company’s culture. DEME believes that this integrated management approach is the true foundation for business excellence.