Activity Report 2016

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Export & project finance

One of the keys to a successful business proposal is DEME’s Export & Project Finance department, which supports the all-in solutions approach that DEME offers its clients all around the world.


Proactive partner in financing

The Export & Project Finance department assembles tailor-made financing packages and negotiates these packages with potential investors, financial institutions and authorities. These structures offer financing possibilities to a client in either developed or emerging markets, that may not have the capability to arrange a similar financing solution locally, especially with regard to the credit cost, credit tenor or credit amount.


Clients know that they have a competitive, safe and transparent payment solution with DEME’s financial packages.

Attractive tailor-made offer

Every financing arrangement is specifically tailored to the requirements of each client and their individual projects. DEME can provide a straightforward buyer’s credit, a soft loan (if the client is eligible for concessional lending), a project finance structure or a combination of all of them.


The financing packages are fully compliant with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) regulations and the inherent economic, environmental and social sustainability prospects of each project are considered.


DEME has a long-standing relationship with Credendo, the Belgian Export Credit Agency and Finexpo, the Inter Ministerial Committee for Financial Support of Belgian Export. DEME works closely with these organisations, as well as with a pool of international banks, to achieve the best solution for its clients. Low interest rates and financing conditions in Europe often mean DEME has an attractive offer for its many international clients.


Over the past few years, DEME arranged several financing packages for its clients and it is now working on a number of new transactions in several countries worldwide.