Activity Report 2016

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Continuous improvement - risks and costs

Opportunity & Risk Management

DEME has evolved into a recognised multidisciplinary company handling a diverse range of complex projects worldwide.

Therefore the corporate Opportunity & Risk Management department (ORM) was launched in February 2016 in order to capture, assess and manage all opportunities and risks from day one until the completion of the execution phase.

2016 Achievements

For medium and large tenders and projects DEME has a structured, transparent and consistent ORM strategy, underlying DEME’s pro-active and integrated approach to ORM. During 2016 significant and qualitative efforts by all ORM stakeholders have been performed during both commercial and execution phases to comply with the new ORM standards. This resulted in a dedicated and embedded risk aware entrepreneurship exhibited by all ORM stakeholders within the DEME entities.

2017 Objectives

DEME will further refine and leverage all ORM knowledge and experience during 2017 in the same uniform and viable method.

The department will further strive for embedded ORM excellence in close cooperation with all the relevant DEME departments and projects.

DEME will further enhance the corporate Opportunity & Risk Management strategy and compliance in order to meet and exceed 2017 requirements.


DRIVE is DEME’s continuous improvement programme that covers operational excellence, sourcing and the supporting process improvements.

This is reflected in the three pillars of DRIVE:

DRIVE Operational and Technical provides a pragmatic approach to operational process improvement and bottom-up innovation. In 2016, 65 DRIVE improvement projects, better known as DRIVE exercises, were successfully completed on projects worldwide. Within the area Asia and Oceania, no less than 12 DRIVE exercises were carried out, making the region the winner of the so-called DRIVE Green Jersey for 2016. The DRIVE Yellow Jersey is awarded each year to the area or business unit that realises the highest demonstrable financial savings by performing DRIVE exercises. In 2016 this prize was won by the area Mediterranean and South & Middle Americas. Last year DIMCO also executed its first DRIVE project. Finally, the DRIVE team has continued the development of pragmatic IT tools in support of the identification and execution of DRIVE projects.


DRIVE Cost is focused on sourcing improvement through the regular renegotiation of framework agreements for the main product families, as well as supplier consolidation across departments and business units. Because of an increased focus on the reduction of overhead costs, a lot of attention has been dedicated to reducing indirect spend. This effort will continue in 2017 within the scope of a special overhead reduction programme called Less = More 2.0.


Additionally, the DRIVE Transactional programme that aims to realise savings, efficiency enhancements and cash out reduction through supporting process improvement will be aligned with Less = More 2.0 in 2017. In 2016 special attention was paid to the processes related to patents and subsidies.


In 2016 the Technical departments and Purchase and Logistics benefited from the Management Control and Reporting System (MCRS®) that was implemented within the scope of U-DRIVE. This resulted in new framework agreements, an objective sourcing strategy, reduced cost of ownership, a controlled execution of the maintenance programme of the DEME fleet, more efficient dry-dockings and the installation of innovative maintenance methods like condition-based monitoring.


Furthermore, in 2016 the Technical departments and Purchase and Logistics focused on process improvement, KPI roles and responsibilities, with the focus on Maximo, the new asset management system, which will fully embed these processes, enable optimal control and lead to tangible results in the course of 2017 for the user and management.